Carrier Ceiling Type (3 Ton) Air Conditioner


  • Aesthetic Design: Elegant And Compact
  • Superior performance
  • Flexible Installations
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Comfort in stylish solutions
  • Energy and cost saving
  • Ease of Installation
  • BTU 36000 BTU/Hr (3 Ton)
  • Low Noise Level
  • Standard Anti-bacterial Air Filtration
  • Ease Of Maintenance

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Detail Specification of Carrier Ceiling Type 3 Ton 36CEL072 Air Conditioner

Technical Detail specifications: Carrier Ceiling Type 3 Ton 36CEL072 Air Conditioner
Model Number: (International)
Air Conditioner Type
Energy Efficiency
3 Star Rating
Capacity of COOLING
36000 BTU
415 Volts
Input Power Consumption
3400 Watts
Noise Level
70 dB
Cooling Mode
Turbo Cooling
Refrigerant Type
360-420 Sft
Noise Calculations (dB)
Indoor Unit
≤ 38
Outdoor unit
≤ 44
Total Weight           Net/Gross (Kg)
Indoor Unit
20 kg
Outdoor Unit
75 Kg
Packing Dimensions    L X W X H (mm)
Indoor unit
755 x 755 x 485 mm
Outdoor Unit
930 X 340 X 690 MM
Energy Efficiency ratio (EER)


Carrier Ceiling Type 3 Ton 36CEL072 Air Conditioner models are installed as the name suggests in the ceiling. This is most efficient in a revoked or “floating” ceiling where there is space to provide the device. Since cool air drops towards the ground, the ceiling increasing provides remarkable protection and, offered the lovers are highly efficient enough, a ceiling cassette A/C device can protect a pretty big space. Being in the ceiling includes that the models are out of the way.

Since the condenser is situated outside the developing, a ceiling cassette A/C device is extremely silent. Further to this, along with today’s technological innovation such as flexible a thermostat and varying rate lovers, ceiling cassette A/C models are extremely power efficient. Photo-catalytic filtration filtration can also be used with them to narrow the air of contaminants and other dangerous air particle, significance the A/C device can take dual purpose as an air cleaner.

Given that the Carrier Ceiling Type 3 Ton 36CEL072 Air Conditioner device needs to have the condenser situated outside of the developing, these models do need to be set up by a professional. Collections need to be run from the condenser outside the developing to the cassette in the ceiling, no more than 50 legs away. It is suggested that you get in touch with professional before to buying the device as if the wrong style is selected or if it is poorly set up, working expenses could be great. Roof cassette models are quite little, but still need area in the ceiling to be set up, so if the place does not have a revoked ceiling, then this ceiling cassette A/C device style may not be the best option.


Why you will buy Carrier 3 Ton 36CST072 ?

? Carrier is a world renown brand for manufacturing air conditioners.

? This brand founded June 26, 1915 in Farmington, Connecticut, USA.

? And carrier is a brand of United Technologies.

? From the beginning, this company turns the name of trust not only in USA, but the whole world.

? Carrier Ceiling Type 3 Ton 36CEL072 Air Conditioner is one of the famous model from carrier inc, USA.

? This model is very suitable for the climate of Bangladesh.

? Though there are many fluctuation occurs in electricity supplies in Bangladesh, Carrier Ceiling Type 3 Ton 36CEL072 Air Conditioner works perfectly.

? As a result, we can recommend this model for its durability and performance.

? We offer Home Delivery and Cash on Delivery facility for this product.

? Visa, MasterCard & American Express card is accepted.

? Thanks for staying with AC Mart BD.

* Conditions Apply

Type: Split Air Conditioner (Non-Inverter Type)
Product warranty : 3 Years Service Warranty Without Parts (Not Dust)
Compressor: 2 Years Warranty
Power(W) : 1920W
Capacity : 36,000 BTU/h
Operation Range Cooling: 21 to 46 °CDB

  • Installation Charge  Free
  • 15 Ft Copper Pipe with insulation Free
  • Angle Free
  • 20 Ft Wire Machine to Machine Cable Free
  • Based on the Floor Level and Location of Air Conditioner's outer unit the installation charges may vary

• Auto Clean Function
• Adjustable air flow volume
• Up/downswing flaps
• Humanized sleep function
• Low voltage start-up
• Easy to use remote control
• Carrier brand wireless remote control


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