General Cassette Type AC AUG-25AB (2.0 Ton)

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Capacity: 2.0 Ton (25,000 BTU)
2-4 Way Air Flow System
4-Step Swing
Powerful Cooling
3 Years Compressor Warranty

More Detail: 01920-158 418

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General 2.0 Ton Cassette Type AC AUG-25AB is available at Wahid Engineering. Get the original General air conditioners at the most affordable price only at Best ElectronicsWahid Engineering and enjoy the famous Japanese quality with the promise of best customer service in Bangladesh.

The General 2.0 Ton AC AUG-25AB is a powerful and reliable cassette type air conditioner for your home. General AC is renowned for it’s powerful cooling capability and durability. The AUG-25AB lives up to this reputation.

This 2.0 ton AC is the best solution for all your cooling needs. Be it those hot summer months or the mild temperature of spring, this AC gives you the most comfortable cooling you could ask for. And the promise of great service and durability of General is always there to give you 100% peace of mind. Buy it once and use without any worries for many years! That’s what General AC is all about…

Please visit the official General Product Page for more information.

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5 reviews for General Cassette Type AC AUG-25AB (2.0 Ton)

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